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Yurachek: Hogs have procedures for event like Damar Hamlin injury

Razorbacks’ plans for similar injury in place, but will be reviewed now with NFL’s response, says Hunter Yurachek.



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Like much of the country, Arkansas athletics director saw the horrific injury on Monday Night Football.

“I knew right away something was wrong,” he said Tuesday afternoon via phone. “You also knew it wasn’t good.”

The injury occurred when Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin made a tackle in their game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

At first, everything appeared routine.

Until Hamlin suddenly collapsed. The reaction from the players, who see injuries all the time, was almost immediate and near-panic. That told everyone something was seriously wrong.

As of Monday night, Hamlin was still alive and in critical condition in a Cincinnati hospital, according to reports. Mostly because of the quick reaction of the NFL’s plan for such an event, although it fortunately never had to be experienced in real time.

The Razorbacks have the defibrillator units located at all of their home venues. Emergency staff are in the facilities and on standby during all events.

“We have a lot,” Yurachek said. “Don’t know the exact number, but could get that from our facilities people. Walk past them a lot in our venues.”

Fortunately, everything has just been practiced for such an event at a Hogs’ event. But Hamlin’s injury will have everybody checking into things.

“Our medical people and trainers will be reviewing our procedures for sure,” Yurachek said.
The SEC will also be looking at it closely with new medical advisor Catherine O’Neal, who is a associate professor of Clinical Medicine at the LSU Health Sciences Center.

Every team in the league will be watching the situation and analyzing it closely.

“Everyone will make sure all of us sharpen our procedures,” Yurachek said. “The NFL will send us a lot of information about what they had planned worked and what could have worked better.”

That will help everyone be better prepared.

For something no one really wants to put into live action.


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