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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Hogs Baseball

Rangers’ Hicks on broadcasting major league baseball during health crisis

ON HALFTIME: Rangers broadcaster Matt Hicks told Phil Elson, Matt Jenkins and Matt Travis on about how different things are for broadcast teams this year.

ON HALFTIME: Torres glad to see baseball starting again, living life without fear

Aaron Torres of the Fox Sports Podcast is remaining careful but ready to start living life again in midst of pandemic, he said on Halftime Friday afternoon.

Kjerstad with Orioles’ general manager and area scout that followed him

Baltimore general manager Mike Elias along with former Razorback Heston Kjerstad and area scout Ken Guthrie press conference Wednesday morning.

Stoerner: ‘Team much more talented that what they’ve shown last couple of years’

Former Hogs' quarterback Clint Stoerner thinks this team more talented than record last couple of years and has watched Kendal Briles for several years.

Meoli on how Orioles were looking for power with second pick on Kjerstad

Baltimore Sun reporter on ESPN Arkansas about how the Orioles were looking for power in this year's draft and that's why they chose Heston Kjerstad No. 2.

Opitz on Halftime about next season: ‘This team is going to be special’

After not being selected in the draft, Hogs catcher Casey Opitz anxious to get back to Fayetteville because he's expecting talented group to be "special."

Pagnozzi on ESPN special about McGwire’s record-setting 1998 season

Tom Pagnozzi was with St. Louis for much of the 1998 season when Mark McGwire was chasing Roger Marris' record and he talked about that with Derek Ruscin & Zach on ESPN Arkansas.

Shaddy on players not being drafted, returning to play another year in college

Former Razorback infielder Carson Shaddy on ESPN Arkansas about what players go through expecting to be drafted, then coming back to play for another year.

Carpenter, Elson agree playing in Camden Yard would be big boost for former Razorback

Razorback baseball broadcaster Bubba Carpenter joined Phil Elson, Matt Jenkins and Matt Travis (Halftime) on Friday about Heston Kjerstad's game fitting in well with Orioles.

Van Horn expected loss of three signees, pleased with Opitz coming back to Razorbacks

Arkansas coach Dave Van Horn got the news after the draft that catcher Casey Opitz will be coming back after turning down several free agent offers and that's a good thing.