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PETE’S PICKS: Hogs may have to win a high-scoring affair

Making a prediction for the Hogs-Aggies and all around the SEC on a busy — and big — college football weekend.



Have you ever wondered what really matters in life?

 Seriously, as a sports fan, have you ever just kicked back and thought about the pieces of life we prioritize?  Faith, Family, and Football. That seems to be the pecking order, especially for those of us in the south who live for Saturdays in the fall, right?

We crave the roar of the crowd. We long for the team’s entrance into the stadium.  And we physically ache in anticipation for a Tony Bua-style hit knocking a running back out of his shoes. 

And the crowd goes “boom”. 

Football games bring us together. It binds us. It is comparable to the blending of two families ready to see what the future holds. 

Yet it is also not a time to reflect upon what in life we hold most dear and valuable. For at least three hours on crisp, autumn weekends it is an escape from the stresses and pressures of life.

For lack of a better explanation, it meshes us together as strangers who might disagree on every other possible talking point in the real world. We cheer, we hold our breath, and, more importantly, we are united.

This sense of unity is what Sam Pittman and his coaching staff have done at Arkansas in a very short amount of time. Mix this in with a strong work ethic and a sense of purpose, and you now have an entire team dedicated and focused on winning football games.

But is this truly important? You can bet every last dime you have it is.

Throw out the fans. Toss aside the officials. And forget the Vegas line which is more up-and-down than a Baptist congregation at a revival When the Razorbacks take the field against Texas A&M this weekend in AT&T Stadium, the drive and fire by the players in the white uniform will no doubt be the deciding factor, and we as fans finally have confidence when we play SEC games outside of the friendly Razorback Stadium.

We are happy again, and instead of the years prior to Pittman’s tenure in Fayetteville, we know we actually have something in store which will be a positive in our lives rather than spending our pre-game knowing we will only regret watching the inevitable unfold on the field.

I honestly do not have much to say specifically about the game this week. Let us just say I am busy making my own joyful concoction.

I do have a prediction though…

Arkansas, 38 – 31.

Random Thoughts 

Jerry World needs more concourse space.

Myles Slusher’s return will provide depth to our secondary therefore crossing up A&M’s less than stellar play at quarterback.

Kudos go out to the student section for its warm welcome to Bobby Petrino. I actually like our former coach, yet no one appreciates great heckling more than me.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Texas A&M has a head coach named Jimbo. How did he earn that nickname.

I wonder how yell practice went Friday night at College Station. $50 to the best submitted video (using my “Twitter” DM below) impersonating what their glorious cheerleading captain might have stated.

Remind Dallas why we love the city and consider it the Fayetteville to the South.

TRIVIA ANSWER: His innate ability to stretch the truth without making it a full-blown lie.   

I do miss the old Southwest Conference Days.

Be certain to listen to the game Saturday at 6:00 P.M. via and on the air at ESPN Arkansas 99.5 in Fayetteville, 95.3 in the River Valley, 96.3 in Hot Springs, and 104.3 in Harrison-Mountain Home.

SEC Picks for Week 4

Week 4 is upon us, and the quality of games this week is not the best, but there are a few contenders for good match-ups in there. Rumor has it Andy is driving me into the ground with his picks. I have been refraining from looking, but if he is, I guarantee he ordered a double instead of a regular just make his week even better.

Kent State at (1) Georgia: I bet the Bulldogs are tired of playing early already. Georgia by 39.

Missouri at Auburn: This game is more of a question of which head coach gets fired first. Tigers by 10.

Bowling Green at Mississippi State: I have always enjoyed MSU and their fanbase, but a few of them have been obnoxious as of late. Dogs by 32.

(20) Florida at (11) Tennessee: Did this game not used to have a nickname? Vols by 14.

Tulsa at (16) Ole Miss: Homecoming again, Rebels? Ole Miss by 12.

Northern Illinois at (8) Kentucky: The Huskies keep taking those SEC checks. Wildcats by 21.

(10) Arkansas at (23) Texas A&M – GAME OF THE WEEK: We rode into town with the trophy. We need to leave with it still within our tusks. HOGS by 7.

Vanderbilt at (2) Alabama: It was fun while it lasted, Vandy. Tide by 26.

New Mexico at LSU: Yay. Tigers by 28.

Charlotte at South Carolina: Are people really starting to make fun of Shane Beamer? Gamecocks by 25.

Soller Opposites

Eric is on a roll with his picks. Maybe his decision to hint you might bet the opposite may just be the touch of luck he needed. Also, he is still waiting for your commission checks to arrive.

Texas -7 vs. Texas Tech – Betting for a team you were taught to hate since birth is almost as traumatic as seeing Matthew McConaughey in his ugly ass orange suit, grinning like Texas’s defense will be against Tech’s untested offense.

The line has been bouncing between -6 1/2 up to -7 1/2, so if you can grab Texas minus the 6 1/2, that to would be alright, alright, alright. Texas -7.  

Back to Arkansas at Texas A&M; check in during the game for all the highlights and updates from Saturday’s contest.

Am I an example? No. But I am euphoric. I feel blending could not be any easier, and the future is bright. Trust me, I have seen many seasons come and go, and this has by far been my very favorite. I look forward to our success. I hope you are all enjoying life as much as me.

Find me on ‘Twitter’: @PeterMorganWPS

Go HOGS!!!


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