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Jimbo Fisher says he, Nick Saban have moved on to more important things

Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher is finally over his little hissy fit. At least he said he is.



FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher is finally over his little hissy fit.

At least he says he is.

Reports say he and Alabama’s Nick Saban had a quick encounter, it was normal and everybody has moved on.

“Things are said,” Fisher told reporters at the SEC Spring Meetings in Destin, Fla. “What he said. What we said. We’re moving on to the next thing.”

It was a nice story for a couple of weeks, but it really wasn’t going anywhere. It still wouldn’t be surprising, though, to see one run up the score given a chance.

“We’re done talking about it,” Fisher said.

You get the idea Saban has been done with it. You don’t win at the pace he does and not be able to enjoy the free rent in other coaches’ heads.

Fisher was adamant everybody has moved on to other things.

Mainly the scheduling, which is something they can do something about. Forget name, image and likeness. That’s out of the coaches’ control and they are usually very good at only worrying about things they can control.

What the coaches think about how many league games teams play is likely to be directly proportional to how many teams can get into the playoff.

“You want what gives you the best chance as a conference to get the most teams into the playoff,” Fisher said. “To get the 12 best teams or eight best teams or 16 best teams or whatever the format is.”

Right now, the guess here is it’s a chance to give the coaches a chance to weigh in with their opinion, but Greg Sankey has a general idea of what he wants to do.

His staff has the primary goal in mind. We may not know, but there’s probably a direction they are headed.

Now they just have to sell everybody else on the league on the idea.


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