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Andy Hodges

PETE’S PICKS: Hogs will win this one over defending national champs

LSU getting a taste of mediocrity less than a year after running the table with Joe Burrow to an undefeated season and national championship.



It’s funny how things change. One day everything is going great, and then someone leaves, and now the daily mediocrity stares you directly in the face.

You begin to wonder for how long? Will this sensation of going from the top of the mountain to the bottom rung last forever? Will I ever return to normal or even obtain that psychological high?

Hitting too close to home for you? I get it. Oh trust me, I totally get it, and I’ve got 12 reasons why.

No, this intro is for the staunch LSU fan. Imagine being in their shoes.

One season you watch your beloved team hoist the national championship, then Joe Burrow leaves, and now you’re spending your Saturdays at home wondering if you have enough Kahlúa to pacify your mind long enough to make it to Sunday.

When this season started LSU fans circled the Arkansas game as a win. Razorbacks fans most likely marked it with a red L.

Normally I hate it when things change on a calendar, especially when it’s something I have my heart set upon. However, in this case, I am glad to see the expected yet tentative outcome change.

Nothing will make this unusual, “Thanksgiving is canceled due to Covid” holiday season better than having the Hogs take down the defending national champion.

So where do things stand? Can Arkansas pull off the upset?

What’s that? The Razorbacks are favored in this game? Surely you jest.

Why Arkansas will win:

Sam Pittman is back. Barry Odom did a fine job, but no doubt the players will respond to having the entire coaching staff in their traditional roles.

Trey Knox has something to prove. I’ll leave this right here.

Our offense is getting better and better. Kendal Briles will have a great scheme come Saturday. No doubt.

Why LSU will win:

They won’t. Seriously. Arkansas will win this one.

Also, I was feeling lazy when I wrote this.

FINE.  LSU’s players reportedly have circled the wagons to salvage the remainder of their season. Will this newfound motivation be enough?

Final thoughts:

Someone asked me why I didn’t interview Matt Breland this year? The answer: He always picks LSU to win.

Sorry, Matt, I didn’t want you to be wrong this year.

Arkansas basketball starts Wednesday. Check out daily to see the latest updates.

I’m loving the backfield more and more each game. The offensive line needs to step up and dominate this week.

It’s always stated, but we have to establish a strong rushing game. Sound familiar?

If you’re successfully using Kahlúa to remedy what ails you you’re either an amateur or you’re problem really are not that bad.

I hope the Hogs put more effort into the game Saturday than I did this week’s piece.

LSU will not go quietly.

Razorbacks, 34 – 17.

Be certain to listen to the game Saturday at 11 a.m. on and on the air at ESPN Arkansas 95.3 in the River Valley, 96.3 in Hot Springs and 104.3 in Harrison-Mountain Home.

SEC picks for Week 12

Andy is quiet … too quiet. He either has COVID or has been marathon watching “Cocomelon.”

(6) Florida at Vanderbilt: If Kyle Trask gets off the bus in Nashville pray for Vanderbilt. Pray hard. Gators by 34.

LSU at Arkansas: Oh how things can change in one season. Hogs by 17.

Kentucky at (1) Alabama: The question is not whether or not Alabama will win. The question is if Kentucky comes out for the second half. Tide by 40.

Tennessee at (23) Auburn: I started feeling bad for Tennessee and Jeremy Pruitt following their loss to the Razorbacks. His seat is extremely blazing, and unless he shows he is ready to play the underclassmen (or if Tennessee’s accountants can’t do some major mathematical magic) he is out the door. This week will not help his case. Tigers by 22.

Mississippi State at (13) Georgia: Do I really need to break this down? Georgia by 30.

Missouri at South Carolina: I flipped my lucky coin … then I remember the Florida-Georgia game, and I threw my coin back into the drawer. Tigers by 7.

Ole Miss at (5) Texas A&M is postponed. Rebels fans can rejoice.

.38 Special said it best: Hold on loosely.

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Go HOGS!!!


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