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    PETER’S PICKS: Razorbacks will down Rebels for first SEC win in state

    As a young kid I once snuck into my older brother’s truck, turned on the stereo, and listened to his Journey cassette for hours until the battery died.

    Needless to say Big Brother handled my grievance with an unusual physical aggression which to this day I have not fully forgotten.

    Brothers fight; it is our nature. It’s being able to forgive and forget which provides us with the special bond we carry into our adult years.

    I’ve heard it said Arkansas and Ole Miss are like brothers. We don’t really get along most of the time, yet we are somehow bonded in the public eye.

    Perhaps it is because neither of us have won an SEC Championship Game? Is it possibly due to the two states being so close and similar (minus the mayflies)?

    Maybe it is the gratitude we extend to Mississippi for always keeping us one notch farther from last place in education rankings.

    Who knows? If one even subscribes to that theory and wonders whatever it is, we seem to enjoy each other’s misery.

    Speaking of forgetting, the Razorbacks are doing everything they can to forget the atrocious call (or three missed calls on one play if you will) which the football nation ultimately says cost them the game against Auburn.

    “We are looking to the game at Ole Miss,” seems to be the consensus out of Fayetteville.

    Yet does anyone fully believe the misdeeds given at the hands of SEC officiating has completely been erased from the minds of these young athletes?

    The NCAA announcing late in the week it is making a lucidity change for “clear and immediate recovery” will not help expunge the thoughts of Auburn being the benefactor of the officiating crew’s multiple errors.

    If in fact the memory does linger, our hope is to utilize it as motivation.

    Some, including Vegas, have stated this contest will be an offensive showcase, and several of those have further gone on record indicating Arkansas will not be able to hang with the Rebels’ big numbers for the full four quarters. I see it differently.

    What I envision is the Razorback defense stepping up and keeping Ole Miss from frequenting the endzone. Do I have doubts in my prediction? Who wouldn’t?

    One thing I have learned recently as an Arkansas fan is consistency and stability are not a reoccurring weekly theme.

    This game will be a good fight between brothers fueled by hate instead of compassion, and hopefully the cool Arkansas fall evening will find those donning cardinal and white in a pleased mood.

    My apologies to my sibling for my lack of respect to your personal property, and also for your punishment later handed down from Mom and Dad.

    To this day I do not know how they found out. Furthermore, here’s to all the brothers (and even you sisters) who square off from time-to-time in an expression of frustration and love. Just try not to do it the week before picture day, okay, fellas?

    Let’s return to business.

    Why Arkansas will win:

    Rakeem Boyd is back. Yes, I have been singing this kid’s praises since his time at Independence CC, and the word is his ankle is 100% ready to go.

    Bringing him back healthy and utilizing the “on fire” Trelon Smith from the backfield has given Kendal Briles an entirely new option of attack.

    The defense is still strong. Barry Odom has no doubt made the defense even more stern this week in preparation for Ole Miss.

    Matt Corral will present a problem at quarterback, yet our secondary is… I cannot believe I am about to say this… second to none. [Lame comment #1]

    Special Teams. They will perform better this week. In so many ways, they have no other option, and I feel a big play brewing in the football realm.

    Why Ole Miss will win:

    Their defense is said to be lesser than, and this gives hope to our offense of doing something big. Unfortunately, Arkansas has historically proven it can make anything deemed to be inferior look superior.

    Love him or hate him, Lane Kiffin is not a bad coach. Sure, he’s an idiot, but he learned enough from his father to be mildly successful. He will have his team ready this week.

    Matt Corral and the Ole Miss offense may be a team which has just the right mix of chemistry and strategy to rip apart Arkansas’s improved defense.

    Final Thoughts:

    I did not know the Grove at Ole Miss can no longer hold barbecues. Please forgive me for not being 100% certain which of the many talented talk show hosts were discussing this recently.

    The over/under on this game is high. Like I mentioned above, I do not see this happening.

    I still hate Mississippi State’s cowbells. No offense Blue Oyster Cult.

    If you’re attending the game, be certain to use sign language to remind Lame Kiffin he has only won a single game this season. [Lame comment #2]

    Confidence is key for Arkansas. Judging by recent interviews with the players, they have an abundance, and Pittman really has this group focused and humble.

    This will be no upset.

    Arkansas 34 – 17.

    Be certain to listen to the game Saturday at 3:30 p.m. via HitThatLine.com, and on the air at ESPN Arkansas 95.3 in the River Valley, 96.3 in Hot Springs and 104.3 in Harrison-Mountain Home.

    SEC Picks for Week 7

    Andy texted me last week and asked … no, he strongly suggested a weekend in the SEC where nothing goes as planned. Upsets, crazy calls, and a group of cats whipping a rabid pack of dogs in Lexington.

    “Facebook” even paid homage with a feline and a canine sleeping together (à la Peter Venkman), but that’s another topic. Even though I am still up by one (due to my having an off-week and Andy not trusting the voice inside him stating Halloween in the SEC started on Week 6), I must tip my hat to the older gentleman; he said the SEC would go haywire, and it certainly did.

    (15) Auburn at South Carolina: Auburn was handed a gift last week. This week they travel to South Carolina hopeful a new clarification to a judgment enforcement does not impact their chances at a victory. It won’t. Tigers by 11.

    Kentucky at (18) Tennessee: The two SEC Teams for which, respectively, I was not sold on early and think they are currently overrated. The jury is still out on the latter, and no verdict is given this week. Vols by 24.

    Ole Miss at Arkansas: Homecoming. No one loses on homecoming, but, of course, as my friend from Johnson County Westside once told me, “Everywhere we went for a game it was homecoming”. Maybe Ole Miss will take it as an insult. Hogs by 17.

    LSU at (10) Florida: Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I genuinely thought LSU would play better last week, and they did; however, give credit to Missouri for showing up and giving new life to their program’s faithful. Florida let me down by faltering late and losing to the Aggies in a close contest. The Gators are better this week. Florida by 18.

    (11) Texas A&M at Mississippi State: What can be said? Arkansas’s victory over the Bulldogs does not look as impressive now, yet their all but beating Auburn still shows… Wait, this is about A&M and MSU. Aggies by 24.

    Vanderbilt at Missouri: I honestly had minor thoughts Vandy might be a bit more competitive this season than they’ve shown. Meanwhile, Mizzou has been Drinkwitzing the Kool-Aid and is looking solid. [Yes, you guessed it, lame comment #3. Quota met.] Tigers by 30.

    (3) Georgia at (2) Alabama [GAME OF THE WEEK]: Saban is out due to COVID. No, wait, he’s back in the building. No, he’s coaching from home. “Wait,” says those in power, “he cannot coach from home. Outside communications will be cut off.” HOLD IT! Now he has a negative COVID test, so he’ll be gracing the sidelines at Tuscaloosa. Weird week, huh, Andy? Saban will not be yelling at the scrubs this week though as there will be no mop-up duty. In fact, if Saban has a sense of smell, he is probably catching the unsettling aroma of an upset. Bulldogs by 9.

    Hey, social media. Feel free to let me know how I did AFTER the game. Kidding.

    Find me on ‘Twitter’: @PeterMorganWPS

    Go HOGS!!!