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    PETER’S PICKS: At least football has finally arrived in 2020 for Hogs

    Who can truly define what is important on a finite level?

    With so many crucial social issues and other major trials thrown at us in 2020, so many have a newfound perspective on imperative aspects for daily life. The performance of events many have often utilized as key parts of their Saturdays have now been in question.

    The reality for sports fans is college football was once a perk enabling us to test the full validity of our Norvasc prescriptions.

    Now it is a distraction and escape from the despair and constant reminder of our recent lifestyle changes, and, honestly, watching your favorite team lose this season will still be better and less stressful than a trip to any Walmart.

    Rejoice, Razorbacks fans, for our interruption of constant worry is upon us. And for those who will state, “I cannot believe you even consider thinking about sports at a time like this,” well, you, my friend, have clicked upon the wrong article.

    Trust me, there are far better opinion pieces out there written by much more talented people than I you are free to enjoy. May I recommend “HowToBecomeASovereignCitizen.com”?

    In other words, we are back, and there is the slightest glimmer of hope Arkansas football may have a decent year.

    Okay, okay, “slightest” may be too strong of a word; however, the Hogs winning at least three games this season is better odds than jean shorts making a comeback, a kid hating ice cream, and Chad Morris forgiving Ty Storey.

    Arkansas hosts No. 4 Georgia this Saturday, and we could not be more excited. Too cliché? Too unbelievable? Too optimistic? Permit me to list some thoughts on the game, and you can check my level of sincerity for yourself.

    Why Arkansas will win:

    The Hogs have an entirely new coaching staff with an emphasis on optimism, focus, and family. Let’s not forget, even special teams have a dedicated coordinator replacing the recent “thorn in the side” approach.

    There is a new quarterback at the helm which many hope will provide a solid, singular presence instead of the smorgasbord former head coach Chad Morris put us through.

    Florida transfer Feleipe Franks has yet to convince the faithful he is the answer for at least one season, yet he does provide some much needed experience in the signal caller position.

    Rakeem Boyd starts his senior campaign with full aspirations of impressing NFL scouts. It is safe to state No. 5 will be going at full force the entire game, and it is also a given if he can excel, the passing lanes will open up for Franks to hit our talented collection of wide receivers including the stellar Trey Knox.

    Why Georgia will win:

    They are extremely well-coached and have recent history of showing tremendous discipline within all aspects of the game.

    Their defense is one of (if not) the best in nation and they return eight starters.

    Most importantly, it is Georgia.

    They are one of the best programs in the country, and their highlight reels are countless and impressive, whereas for the Hogs, our surrendering a touchdown to North Texas off a punt return in 2018 still gets more airtime than reruns of “The Andy Griffith Show”.

    Final Thoughts:

    Whatever the outcome, as evidenced by the introduction of the new coaching staff during halftime of the last Kentucky-Arkansas basketball game, Arkansas fans are excited to have this talented staff leading our young men onto the field each week.

    Hopefully this enthusiasm has carried over to the players leading to a resolve of energy and enthusiasm to carry throughout an entire game resulting in a huge upset early in the season.

    Speaking of Kentucky, on a personal note, my favorite person has (for whatever reason) mutated into a Wildcats fan. Therefore, I have somewhat softened on my disdain for John Calipari and the team he coaches.

    Yes, yes, I do feel a slight sense of shame, but it is worth it.

    Oh, and 38 – 17, Georgia.

    Welcome to gameday fans, it’s great to be here.

    Be certain to listen to the game Saturday at 3 p.m. via HitThatLine.com, and on the air at ESPN Arkansas 95.3 in the River Valley, 96.3 in Hot Springs and 104.3 in Harrison-Mountain Home.

    SEC Picks for Week “4”

    By now you have read and watched about the new coaches and staff, the players to watch, and the analysis on what to expect when the Razorbacks take the field.

    Now you get the distinct privilege of gazing your eyes upon the weekly picks for each SEC game.

    Yeah, Andy Hodges does this as well, but even he knows who at HitThatLine.Com will come out the victor as we head into the 2020 season competition.

    (5) Florida at Ole Miss: Is it too early to predict an upset? Perhaps, and giving Lane Kiffin unearned credit is not my forte. Gators by 15.

    (23) Kentucky at (8) Auburn [GAME OF THE WEEK]: I truly believe Kentucky is over-ranked, but playing against a talented Auburn team will not prove my thought. I do hope Chad Morris continues his “winning ways” as the OC for the Eagles though. Tigers by 20.

    Mississippi State at (6) LSU: Anxious to see if LSU will compare to the national championship team from last year? Yeah? Well, the Bulldogs do not share your concern. Tigers by 18.

    (4) Georgia at Arkansas: Cross your fingers, yet fear is it will not be of any assistance. Bulldogs by 21.

    (2) Alabama at Missouri: Hey, at least we are not the Tigers this week. Bama by 30 … in the first half.

    Vanderbilt at (10) Texas A&M: The Aggie have a lot to prove this season. Vanderbilt will be their full-on Vandy selves this season. A&M by 24.

    (16) Tennessee at South Carolina [SLOPFEST OF THE WEEK]: Is anyone else not sold on Tennessee mainly based upon their sticking with head coaching… What is his name again? The Vols still win, but not easily and definitely not cleanly. Vols by 11.

    Perhaps we can shock the world this weekend, Razorbacks fans. Place your bets here, and we will even give you good odds.

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    Go HOGS!!!