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Andy Hodges

If T.J. has his head on straight, he could be big plus for offense

Running back T.J. Hammonds is back on the Razorbacks’ roster and apparently the problem that caused him to miss spring was above the shoulders, not below.



When Chad Morris announced running back T.J. Hammonds was no longer on Arkansas’ team there were many that felt the problem area was more above the shoulders than anything below.

Monday afternoon he made the announcement he was going to be back and senior linebacker De’Jon Harris might have confirmed those feelings.

If there was any doubt, Harris is one of the leaders on the entire team. Morris acknowledged that during spring practice and to make a statement like that on Twitter proves it.

That’s something else that’s been missing from the Razorbacks for a couple of years, but that’s for another day.

Hammonds’ return does help with the numbers at a position that were really low during spring practice.

First, Rakeem Boyd missed the entire spring with shoulder surgery. Maleek Williams entered the transfer portal before popping out at Florida International. Defensive back Jordon Curtis was moved to offense, where he played in high school, to join Devwah Whaley and Chase Hayden.

With new offensive linemen learning the system and the running backs down on numbers, the offense scaled back considerably.

Hammonds had 378 yards on 57 carries and caught six passes for 148 yards, scoring four touchdowns (two rushing, two receptions).

T.J. has been injured a lot with knee injuries, but we kept hearing that his biggest problem had nothing to do with that. Apparently there was something to that.

As a four-star recruit out of Joe T. Robinson in Little Rock in 2016, he hasn’t produced up to his talent level … for whatever reasons.

There will be more running backs in August with Arizona State transfer Trelon Smith (sitting out a season) and signing A’Montae Spivey joining what could be a group with talent when they can stay on the field.

Hammonds has to prove whatever the deal was that caused him to be off the team during spring has been fixed.

And that he can live up to his potential.


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