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PETE’S PICKS: Could Razorbacks actually pull off big surprise?

We find out the print version of an on-air personality at ESPN Arkansas may have finally been found.



We find out the print version of an on-air personality at ESPN Arkansas may have finally been found.

Raise your hand if you have ever been wrong about something. Now drop it if you have never been critical towards someone else for their inaccuracies.

Do you still have your hand up? Me neither, otherwise, this article would be at an abrupt end right here.

Hey, Facebook critics, no, you do not get your wish granted with my early departure here; however, I will be short.

Arkansas hosts Texas A&M this weekend, and the game will probably mark the next-to-last time the two teams play the Southwest Classic in Jerry World … at least for now. The contract ends at the end of the 2024 game and nobody involved has much desire to keep losing a home game every other year to Arlington.

The Hogs had to come away with a mental win over LSU last week despite the scoreboard being three points in the Tigers’ favor. A&M seemed to cruise to a mildly easy victory over a visiting Auburn Tigers team.

With spattered speculation over how well Aggies coach Jimbo Fisher is gelling with offensive coordinator, let’s see how the game could play out.

Why Texas A&M will Win

Talent. A&M has a deep bench of fantastic players which may be insurmountable for the Razorbacks.

Big plays. Aggies Offensive Coordinator Bobby Petrino may look to hit the Arkansas defense with big plays early and often. LSU exposed we struggle defending speedy receivers in the secondary.

Speed and quickness. A&M is fast. That’s the take.

Why Arkansas will Win

Revenge. Arkansas quarterback KJ Jefferson probably still has nightmares about the game we gave away last season. He will not be forgetful nor forgiving.

We are due. Yes, that sounds like a horrible reason to pick a winner, but with Arkansas dropping ten of the last eleven, our time is now.

Improvement on the offensive line. Last week’s game in Baton Rouge showed the Hogs have made some improvements in the most critiqued part of our team this year. The Aggies do have a great defensive line, but we will overcome and keep pressure off of KJ while also opening holes for the running backs.

Mark this down and even laugh if you want: We bring the trophy back to Fayetteville.

Arkansas, 34 – 17

Random Thoughts

Who is BMFP?

Last week’s close loss at LSU should have been a confidence booster.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Arkansas beat A&M the first time either program played against each other as a ranked team. This was one year after the first AP Poll was introduced the prior year. In what year was the first AP Poll released?


I am leaving this up until it is no longer a truth: Pittman STILL has a lot to prove for himself and his coaching staff. After the performance at LSU and with a victory this week, he may have himself and his team proven they can meet pre-season expectations.

TRIVIA ANSWER: 1936. The no. 20 Hogs defeated the Aggies 26 – 13 in 1937.

Andy Hodges enjoys orange sorbet more than you would think a man should. (Editor’s Note: Pete keeps forgetting who is the final person to read over these things … besides, orange sorbet is just a lighter form of a sherbert and very good)

Put your hands down, hypocrites.

Be certain to listen to the game Saturday at 11:00 a.m. via HitThatLine and on the air at ESPN Arkansas 99.5 in Fayetteville, 95.3 in the River Valley, 96.3 in Hot Springs and 104.3 in Harrison-Mountain Home.

SEC Picks for Week 5

It is all SEC vs SEC this weekend. No cupcakes. No cross-conference rivalries. No match-ups with other Power 5 teams. Just pure Southeastern Conference Football, the way God intended.

Andy Hodges had better get his car back into the fast lane, as my early season blunder of only picking three games may have put me in his rear-view mirror, but I know he is glancing up every few seconds, fearing the inevitable. (Editor’s Note: We may be finding the print version of Tye Richardson)

(22) Florida at Kentucky: The Wildcats have the possible. Gators by 14.

Texas A&M at Arkansas (AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas): Some say this could be ugly, not in the favor of Arkansas. I disagree. Hogs by 17.

(1) Georgia at Auburn: Hugh Freeze is a winner, but not this week. Bulldogs by 24.

Missouri at Vanderbilt: The Tigers should be able to continue to brag about being undefeated for one more week. Tigers by 18.

(13) LSU at (20) Ole Miss: GAME OF THE WEEK: The close win over Arkansas at home last week may have been a wake-up call for LSU. However, just to play it safe, the Bengal Tigers may be as bad as Florida State exposed in the second half. Ole Miss has confidence, but is it enough? It almost seems as though Lane Kiffin’s popularity (or infamy) is what keeps this team in the favors of the public eye. Sort of a page out of Deion Sanders’s playbook. In short, Oxford should be rockin’, but LSU will be rollin’. Tigers by 11.

South Carolina at (21) Tennessee: Should be a fun game to watch until midway in the 3rd quarter. Vols by 20.

(12) Alabama at Mississippi State: Mississippi State seems to be more down than even Ole Miss fans projected. Even at home, they are not match for Nick Saban. Bama by 22.

Soller Opposites

This week’s gambling take from Eric pits two of the country’s most well-known universities; however, one is normally more of a basketball powerhouse than a contender in football. My guess is the line is what makes this an intriguing bet. Eric breaks down Notre Dame at Duke, and you must ask yourself if you will follow suit on his advice, or will you take the Soller Opposite?

[Note: We do not promote gambling, and if you have an addiction to wagering money in any format, please seek professional help. Also, if you are an Aggies fan, professional assistance may be a necessity for you as well.]

Notre Dame -5 @ Duke
O/U 52

Both teams faced their early season, “less than spectacular entrees” around the cupcakes on their menu, I mean schedule. Notre Dame is coming off a disappointing showing in a loss to an unimpressive Buckeye team. Meanwhile, it looks like a bird left more than feather in Duke’s cap as it flew away following a victory over a crappy Clemson team.


Both teams have a lot to prove, and each team is averaging 30 ppg. Neither team’s defense can stop an offense on third downs, and both teams seem to give up big chunk plays on first down. There should fast paced drives ending in scores. Basically, this adds up to a very high scoring affair that will shoot through the posted total of 52.

Take the over of 52 and go as high as 54. Unless Notre Dame falls to -4, I’m not touching the line in this game, but I will play a two-team parlay of the Notre Dame money line with the over.

Over 52
ND money line with over 52 parlay.

Mr. Soller has top-notch input once again. Let’s see how he does come game’s end.

Thank you, Dale Dooley. Not only are you a loyal reader, but you are also a great ambassador for the human race.

Our game against the Aggies is very winnable, and I feel like we will be successful. Enjoy this one.

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Go HOGS!!!