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LIVE BLOG: Early timeouts cost Hogs late as LSU wins at end

Razorbacks waste timeouts early in the second half and can’t do anything to stop Tigers’ from winning at end.



BATON ROUGE, La. — It came down to the end … again, but this time in Baton Rouge it was LSU kicking a field goal at the end to come away with a 34-31 win and Arkansas will have nothing but frustration for the second week in a row.

Last week it was penalties and blown opportunities. It was the same tune against the Tigers on Saturday night as six false starts and holding calls turned potential touchdowns into field goals early, then it was grabbing two quick timeouts in the second half not giving them any at crunch time.

It turns out they desperately needed them because the defense couldn’t do a whole lot to stop Jayden Daniels and LSU’s offense over the final two quarters and when they got close they simply ran out the clock to set up a winning field goal at the end, leaving it to a single play after a kickoff.

KJ Jefferson’s deep heave resulted in an interception and now the Hogs are sitting at 2-2 and go to Arlington to face a one-loss Texas A&M team at 11 a.m. in AT&T Stadium on either the SEC Network or ESPN. The guess now is it will be on the SEC Network because you can bet it will be an interesting week.

Here is our live blog coverage of all the key moments in the game.

1Q 5:56: Hogs get within inches, but another penalty backed them up, then quarterback KJ Jefferson and wide receiver Isaac TeSlaa read something different on third down. Cam Little comes on to kick a 23-yard field goal. Hogs 3, LSU 0

END FIRST QUARTER: Hogs’ TJ Metcalf somehow avoided a pass interference call against Malik Nabers near the goalline and the quarter comes to an end with the Razorbacks clinging to a field goal lead, but the Tigers’ offense starting to maybe get rid of jitters. Hogs 3, LSU 0

2Q 6:33: Another lost four points inside the 20 when the Hogs get to the 5-yard line and stall. Jeffereson’s passing and key runs kept a 75-yard drive alive that ate up 6:21 of the clock at a time they needed that. But, for the second time, they have to settle for 3 points and not get a touchdown. Cam Little kicks a 23-yard field goal. Hogs 6, LSU 0

2Q 4:02: Razorbacks’ defense gives up a 41-yard run to Josh Williams, but then holds to force the Tigers’ offense into a field goal. In a game it feels like the Hogs should lead 21-3, they still lead, but it’s much smaller. Damian Ramos kicks a 24-yard field to get LSU on the board. Hogs 6, LSU 3

2Q :48: Hogs run through LSU defense again with Jefferson finding Tyrone Broden in the corner of the end zone for a 19-yard scoring play that first was ruled incomplete, but overturned in the Razorbacks’ favor. Hogs 13, LSU 3

2Q :30: LSU answers in a hurry. They use all of 18 seconds to go 75 yards and burn the Hogs’ secondary on a 49-yard throw from Jayden Daniels to Brian Thomas Jr. It looked uncomfortably easy for the Tigers for Hogs’ fans. Hogs 13, LSU 10

3Q 14:00: Tigers take the opening kickoff of the second half and need only a minute to go 75 yards on another 49-yard pass from Daniels to Thomas. He turned Raheim Singletary every way but loose and didn’t get any safety help. Uh-oh. LSU 17, Hogs 13

3Q 5:44: Hogs are going to have to admit this game is starting to look like a ton of missed opportunities. After LSU starts fast, they drive down inside the 20 and the offense dies … again. Holder Max Fletcher bails them out on a field goal with a fake up the middle for a first down to keep things alive. It does no good, though, as the offensive line can’t keep the Tigers’ defensive front from putting Jefferson on the ground. Some may have felt a third-down sack was a little rude after the play, but it was just a little love push and not that big of a deal. Little has to come on for a 40-yard field goal. LSU 17, Hogs 16

3Q 1:40: LSU just starting wear out the Hogs, using 4:04 to go 75 yards and hammering away at the interior of the Razorbacks’ defensive front that was supposed to be more physical. They are opening running lanes, then Daniels raises up and throws an 8-yard pass to Nabers coming across the middle for the score and a little cushion. LSU 24, Hogs 16

4Q 14:11: Hogs take advantage of LSU’s secondary going to sleep and leaving tight end Luke Hasz wide open to take a pass from a scrambling Jefferson for a 59-yard scoring play. Razorbacks tie the game on a 2-point conversion pass into the end zone to Hasz. Hogs 24, LSU 24

4Q 9:43: LSU is turning Singletary every which way but loose tonight. Nabers just flat runs by him and Daniels hits him with a perfectly-placed 20-yard scoring strike to jump back in front. Now the offense has to answer. LSU 31, Hogs 24

4Q 5:06: Hasz is becoming Jefferson’s favorite target in this game. After a late hit was called against the Tigers didn’t cover him again and a scramble out of the pocket finds the freshman wide open for an 11-yard score and we’re tied again. Hogs 31, LSU 31

4Q :05: Two early timeouts in the third quarter comes back to haunt the Hogs, who didn’t have any way to stop the clock in the final minute and LSU drove 72 yards in 9 plays to set up a 20-yard field goal by Ramos. LSU 34, Hogs 31