Why can’t they all be like College Football?

Division standings are so last century.

Waiting to see who will take the tiebreaker for a first round bye or home field throughout the playoffs is old hat.

I think it would be great if every sport chose their postseason teams the way college football does.

Think how much better the NBA regular season would be if every couple of weeks, a bunch of smart basketball people got together in a fancy hotel and told us who the 16 best teams were.

It would be a revelation!

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What about each week in the NFL, they steal the idea flat out and have a group of former players and coaches tell us who the 12 best teams are.

It would be a huge boost for the NFL network every Tuesday or Wednesday night.

I absolutely love the way college football is because everything matters. How you look matters. How you win matters. It is a never ending “what if” scenario that is very entertaining.

And this is the entertainment business after all.

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Sports has been doing the playoffs wrong forever. College football has produced the greatest sports life hack of all time. How can they lose? The sport is only going to continue to grow in drama and intrigue with each passing year.

College football is already gaining fast on the NFL and will probably pass it in the next decade.

Plus you cannot forget, college football is doing this selection committee stuff with two dominant programs taking up two of the spots each year (Alabama & Clemson).

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How great is it going to be when all four spots are wide open till season’s end.

It will be the greatest sports spectacle in the U.S. in this century.

So keep your standings and playoff seeds if you want to stay in the last century.

But if you want to move to the future, I think all sports should have a committee tell us who is going to the playoffs.