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    LSU takes home ‘Golden Boot,’ even though Tigers fans don’t care

    Shaped like the two border states, we all know the Golden Boot trophy is awarded annually to the winner between Arkansas and LSU and it’s headed back to Baton Rouge now.

    But do know all of the following facts (mingled with thoughts)? Take a look:

    Made out of 24-karat gold the Golden Boot is slightly over 4-feet tall.

    Arkansas has a trophy case in Bud Walton Arena which holds the rivalry trophy following the years in which the Razorbacks are the victor.

    Chad Morris never won the Golden Boot.

    LSU leads the “rivalry award” series 16 – 8.

    The game was played for several seasons as the last regular season game for both teams the day after Thanksgiving.

    After the change, LSU picked up Texas A&M and Arkansas was slated to face Missouri as “rivalry” games the last week of the season. Neither of those forced enmities seem to have the same steam as the Tigers and Razorbacks.

    It’s probably the coolest rivalry trophy when compared to others across the NCAA.

    Arkansas and LSU never played for the award in Fayetteville, Arkansas, until 2012. Up to that point all Razorback home games in the serious had been held in Little Rock.

    It’s heavy. In fact, many fans get nervous watching as the winning team hoists the precarious 175-pound award.

    LSU fans do not like the tophy, and they hate how much Arkansas fans like it.

    Arkansas and LSU faced off four times in the SEC (with each team winning respectively winning two in a row) before the induction of the Golden Boot in 1996.

    LSU won the initial game, and both teams alternated victories for the next six seasons.

    Since the SEC split to East and West and introduced the SEC Championship game, the winner has represented the West seven times.

    Many LSU fans say they have no natural rival in the SEC, but they “would rather take home the dumb trophy than let Arkansas have it.”

    The insignia on the Golden Boot’s plaque simply says “The Boot”.

    Unless my math is incorrect, only fifth-year seniors at Arkansas would have ever been on an Arkansas team to hoist the trophy.

    It has yet to test positive for covid.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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    Go HOGS!!!