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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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First scrimmage has positives, but no answers

Once against after a preseason scrimmage we don't know what we don't know and that's the maddening question.

Maybe the numbers won’t just get smaller this year

Speed kills in the SEC and Arkansas hasn't had much of that in the last four years, but that may be changing soon.

New defense hot topic at early press conferences

Everybody's talking about Arkansas' new 3-4 defense, but it likely will still come down to who has the better players.

Bielema may be ready to take talent over experience

In the first press conference of the season after the first practice, Bret Bielema sent a message that talent may mean more than experience, which is a good sign for Hog fans.

Nutt’s lawsuit causes Freeze to resign over calls to escort

Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze has resigned after Houston Nutt lawsuit tipped school officials to calls to an escort service.

Long follows Morning Rush into rules discussion

Long responds to Morning Rush host saying Hogs should start doing what they have to to meet the competition.

Translating the media’s voting for finish at SEC Media Days

Alabama is the favorite again, but translating the rest of the finish is something nobody knows.

Nutt files lawsuit against Ole Miss at perfect time

Former Ole Miss coach blamed in Rebels' NCAA problems answers on day for maximum publicity.

Williams won’t return to Razorbacks after second neurological injury

You had the feeling when Rawleigh Williams went down in the final spring practice and didn't bounce back up that his career with the Razorbacks might be over. Now it is.

Florida judge shows exactly why she should stick to courtroom

Judge Margaret Taylor in Florida blamed South Florida coach Charlie Strong for the actions of his players, but who she should be criticizing is the NCAA and the presidents.