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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Andy Hodges

Low numbers and illness from tests at Arkansas probably like everywhere else

Razorbacks athletics director Hunter Yurachek had a Zoom press conference and disclosed the low number of positive cases which have come from outside Fayetteville.

Apparently Pittman, coaches, being cautious as Hogs start practice

Razorbacks coach Sam Pittman sporting mask at first official practices preparing for whatever season they end up being able to have in a wild, wacky year.

‘Pig Trail Nation’s Carroll says no reason for SEC to make quick decision

Football should be played in the fall, says Jason Carroll of 'Pig Trail Nation' and he's right about the SEC shouldn't be in a hurry to decide on season.

Do players have voice in determining if they are willing to accept risk playing?

"The science" numbers show healthy young people almost zero risk on covid-19 and you wonder if players have vote on playing at Arkansas and other colleges.

No, SEC does not have to follow lead of Big 10, Pac 10 with...

Just because other leagues cut games, the SEC doesn't have to be guided by that, but Bret Norsworthy from Sports56 in Memphis thinks it's headed there.

Bulldogs continue workouts, getting creative with social distancing

Fayetteville coach Casey Dick on The Morning Rush about preparing for high school football season while getting creative on socially distance football.

Sankey’s dire warning sets off panic mode among many fans

When Greg Sankey said on ESPN's Marty & McGee Saturday morning his level of concern about football this year was "high to very high," panic has followed..

Well, the mountains ASU willing to move to play Hogs may be smaller now

Now there is at least a sliver of the possibility of discussion for most attractive matchup many fans of both teams really want to see with Big 10 decision.

What other leagues do shouldn’t affect SEC’s plans for college football

Bill King of Nashville Sports Radio doesn't think the Southeastern Conference should be letting what other leagues do affect their decision on a season.

ASU would ‘move mountains’ to juggle schedule for game with Razorbacks

Both schools have their schedules set, but Blake Anderson said on Ruscin & Zach ASU would make every effort to juggle things to play an Arkansas game.