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Andy Hodges

ANDY’S PICKS: It’s time for Hogs to quit losing to Texas’ little brother

After stomping Longhorns a couple of weeks ago, Arkansas faces A&M and time to end nearly decade of bad luck.



Yes, Texas A&M holds a nine-year win streak over Arkansas … mainly due to pure luck.

Oh, and some serious dysfunction with Razorback football for nearly a decade. That’s the polite way of referring to a string of John L. Smith, Bret Bielema and Chad Morris.

The fact the Aggies had to pull out three overtime wins during that stretch is the real head-scratcher.

There are a lot of Hog fans that think this should be a blowout end to the A&M winning streak. It honestly shouldn’t have gotten this far, but there have been some weird things happen in this series.

Go back to 1975 when the Aggies rolled into Little Rock at 10-0, ranked No. 2 in the country and promptly got kicked sideways on a cold, rainy day, 31-6.

It wasn’t really that close.

Jackie Sherrill had some dandy teams in the 1980’s … until Ken Hatfield’s Flexbone offense had the Aggies’ All-Pro linebackers more worried about their knees than tackling anyone. Sherrill still shudders if you just mention Hatfield.

Arkansas is playing with a confidence not seen for awhile.

Beating A&M’s big brother Texas (the Longhorns have won 64.4% of their all-time matchups) gave Sam Pittman’s team a boost into the Top 25 and many fans are expecting a blowout Saturday in AT&T Stadium.

It’s not a false confidence.

The Hogs are able to put up yards in huge amounts on the ground, mainly due to an experienced offensive line that is deep and positionless.


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