‘Gus lovers’ making top candidate less likable to some

Have you ever had someone at work that is always hounding you about a political argument or some sort of cause? Constantly talking and talking and talking about this issue or that issue to the point that even if the issue is important, it just becomes annoying white noise.

That’s how I feel about Gus Malzahn today.

I understand what a great hire Gus Malzahn would be for the University of Arkansas. I don’t need his band of fan minions reminding me about it every waking hour of the day on social media!

Gus isn’t a fluke. He isn’t a gimmick. He has proven that this season in particular with the way his Auburn team has dismantled both #1 Georgia and #1 Alabama to win the SEC Western division championship. All the fanboys from the northwest corner of the state are doing with their undying love and affection for Gus is making me like him less. It’s not Gus’ fault. He isn’t trying to get his grass roots sycophant network to lobby for this job. He is worried about Georgia this weekend.

But all this constant useless chatter is making me want him to NOT get the job. It’s just annoying hot air.

I am not the smartest person on the planet, but I don’t need a constant reminder that pizza is good or that filet mignon is awesome. Tell me something I don’t know cause I’m well aware that both of those things are true.

Gus would be the hire of hires for the Razorbacks if they can get the ball over the goal line next week. Constantly reminding me how great he is every single day of this search is not helping to unify the Razorback fan base, in my opinion.