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    PETER’S PICKS: No game for Hogs this weeks, but picking losers goes on

    Arkansas has a bye this week, and, honestly, if Chad Morris were still the coach I would pick the Hogs to lose.

    Razorbacks will bounce back this week against Mississippi State

    Wait, what’s that? Oh, you said you DO NOT think Arkansas will win? Well, feel free to call me crazy, uninformed, and a homer while you click the laughing emoji on your favorite social media outlet.

    Hogs won’t win Saturday, Alabama’s ‘smarmy’ fans, SEC predictions

    Peter Morgan delivers his picks — and usual rants — as Arkansas goes on the road to face top-ranked Alabama in a game they probably don't have a shot to win.

    Fans need to get Razorback Stadium rockin’ like it used to be

    Razorbacks probably won't win, but fans need to show up, be loud and proud in Saturday's home game against Auburn and Gus Malzahn.

    Hogs have best chance of winning league game against Kentucky

    No introductory quote this week ... just a factual statement: If Arkansas wants to win an SEC game on the road, this is their...

    Despite soul-crushing lost, we must move on as Hog fans

    Arkansas lost a heartbreaker to San Jose State last week and fans must move on, but getting win over Texas A&M not really likely.

    From fan’s view, we deserve apology from everyone after this one

    Angry fans want apologies from everyone in the emotional aftermath of Razorbacks' shocking 31-24 loss to San Jose State on Saturday night.

    Hogs should win easily, but San Jose State does have players

    While we've heard all the platitudes about the Spartans coming into Razorback Stadium this week, this game really shouldn't be close for Razorbacks to get third win.

    Previewing San Jose State with Mercury News’ Aquino

    This week Peter visits with Vic Aquino of The San Jose Mercury News and get his score prediction and look at what the Spartans have to do to have a shot.

    Breaking down what Hogs need to do for win over Rams

    Peter makes his picks in the third week and has pointers for Chad Morris and the Razorbacks to get win over Colorado State this year.