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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Pete Morgan

PETE’S PICKS: Disappointment with last week’s pick, grasping at straws

Unfortunately, Pete made a prediction he knew would not end well last week, but grasped at straws anyway solely for a sense of comfort.

PETE’S PICKS: After bye week, Hogs hit road for tough matchup with Aggies

Barry Odom has to come up with yet another creative scheme to stop an offense that is more balanced with an experienced quarterback, plus solid running back.

PETER’S PICKS: Razorbacks will down Rebels for first SEC win in state

Pete expecting Hogs' defense to have answer to slow down high-flying Ole Miss offense for second SEC win Saturday.

PETE’S PICKS: Arkansas will find way to win Saturday against Gus, Chad

Arkansas has motivation, new drive and energy, and the taste of winning clinging to their tusks for game Saturday on road at Auburn.

PETER’S PICKS: After days of debating, just can’t see Hogs getting win

Admit it, you were having delusions of grandeur at halftime of last week's opener against Georgia, but it didn't work out and won't this week.

PETER’S PICKS: At least football has finally arrived in 2020 for Hogs

Those who say, “I cannot believe you even consider thinking about sports at a time like this,” well, you have clicked on the wrong article.

Lots of gratitude, appreciation, but no win for Hogs this week

Grateful appreciation for a lot of things this holiday, but that still doesn't mean Peter is ready to pick the Razorbacks on Friday against Missouri in LIttle Rock.

Don’t look for a repeat of 2007 win in Baton Rouge when Hogs meet...

Nah, this won't be a repeat of 2007's shocking win over the Tigers, but look for the Razorbacks to show up better than a lot of folks are thinking.

Talking with LSU superfan before Arkansas’ matchup in Baton Rouge tonight

What better time than Arkansas’ trip to LSU to perform my annual visit to a man who lives in the heart of Louisiana and obtain his take on the college football season to this point?

PETER’S PICKS: No game for Hogs this weeks, but picking losers goes on

Arkansas has a bye this week, and, honestly, if Chad Morris were still the coach I would pick the Hogs to lose.