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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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Hogs land Texas Bowl against familiar foe while CFP gets it right

In all the complaining about the College Football Playoff (they got it right), don't tell Sam Pittman the Hogs don't belong in a bowl game.

Opt-outs just a convenient excuse for financial decisions these days

The buzz word for 2020 is "opt-out," which has become an excuse for administrators and some bowl games that are thinking money, not health.

Auburn’s barn fire sends Malzahn off to wherever with a bundle of cash

Don't blame Gus Malzahn for taking the money at Auburn because he played the game in 2017 the way it's played in college football these days.

Malzahn’s firing Sunday at Auburn catches media by surprise

Democrat-Gazette writer Tom Murphy was surprised that Auburn had decided to cut ties Sunday with Gus Malzahn .... now where do they go?

Auburn finally tires of Malzahn winning just enough to keep the job

Even when Gus Malzahn won big at Auburn it wasn't enough because he didn't win a title or beat Alabama often enough and apparently...

Despite a virus, opt-out excuses, schedule, Pittman has made Hogs better

With a season somehow completed during a wild and crazy year complicated by bizarre new rules, Sam Pittman wants a bowl ... and practices.

PETE’S PICKS: Some redeeming qualities from fans for Crimson Tide

The Arkansas Razorbacks conclude their shortened, SEC Conference-only games when they host Alabama on Saturday.While many fans have a strong hatred for the Crimson...

Saban can’t win Saturday, Pittman can’t lose … but Tide score more

Being favored by nearly five touchdowns, Nick Saban can't really win much of anything beating the Hogs and Sam Pittman can't really lose.

Don’t blame offense for loss … it was a complete defensive collapse

On a day when Arkansas' offense broke out with a redshirt freshman quarterback, the defense broke down and folded up like a cheap lawn chair.

Nobody may know better than Odom how to slow down Rountree

Nobody has found a way to stop Missouri's Larry Rountree, but Hogs defensive coordinator Barry Odom recruited and coached him ... he might.