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Friday, September 18, 2020

Andy Hodges

ACC including Notre Dame for 2020, getting cut of NBC television deal

While rumors of an SEC decision for a 10-game conference-only schedule were hot and heavy Wednesday afternoon, the ACC might have just blow that sky high.

King on how hiring ‘right’ coach most important factor in college football

No, college football is not about the players if the wrong coach is leading things and Arkansas fans probably should already know all about that.

Typical 2020 Tuesday with prep over-reaction, colleges moving games UP

Arkansas Governor over-reacts without going really deep into numbers while kangaroo court of college sports grants teams waiver to move schedule start UP.

How ‘good players can’t overcome bad coaching’ sums up last few years

Hogs' talent level not as bad as some like to think and the problems have been from a shocking string of coaches that really didn't have a clue what to do.

Sooners start year of juggling schedules getting opener moved forward

OU's moving game against Missouri State approved by NCAA could be a positive sign football may actually happen otherwise a lot of time and effort wasted.

Notre Dame AD’s comments about spring ‘out of context,’ says O’Malley

Jack Swarbrick's comments about a spring season were "probably taken out of context," says Irish Illustrated writer on ESPN Arkansas on Wednesday afternoon.

Legal guesswork by Bielema’s attorneys drags Yurachek’s name into suit

Legal team dragged Hunter Yurachek's name into the lawsuit last week in another attempt to cover up Bret Bielema's complete incompetence.

Players should have say in playing if we expect them to handle NIL

Some in the media wanting it both ways saying it's too dangerous to play football without players' input, then wanting them to have input over NIL.

Lack of leadership making college football target of some, says Brando

Fox Sports' Tim Brando says college football is an easy target from the left-leaning media until they roll out their plan ... with no coordinated leadership.

Yes, playing sports is about money but maybe not how many think

"The science" says college athletes are extremely coming back and money is part of it ... which gets poured back into the development well-being of athletes.