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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Andy Hodges

Notre Dame AD’s comments about spring ‘out of context,’ says O’Malley

Jack Swarbrick's comments about a spring season were "probably taken out of context," says Irish Illustrated writer on ESPN Arkansas on Wednesday afternoon.

Legal guesswork by Bielema’s attorneys drags Yurachek’s name into suit

Legal team dragged Hunter Yurachek's name into the lawsuit last week in another attempt to cover up Bret Bielema's complete incompetence.

Players should have say in playing if we expect them to handle NIL

Some in the media wanting it both ways saying it's too dangerous to play football without players' input, then wanting them to have input over NIL.

Lack of leadership making college football target of some, says Brando

Fox Sports' Tim Brando says college football is an easy target from the left-leaning media until they roll out their plan ... with no coordinated leadership.

Yes, playing sports is about money but maybe not how many think

"The science" says college athletes are extremely coming back and money is part of it ... which gets poured back into the development well-being of athletes.

Why Dallas doesn’t seem that interesting in closing deal with Prescott

Dak Prescott likely isn't going anywhere until at least after next season, R.J. Ochoa tell Derek Ruscin & Zach Arns on ESPN Arkansas last week.

Don’t be surprised to see Hogs-A&M in Arlington change sooner than planned

Jerry Jones knows how contracts work in the world of business, which is probably how the Hogs-A&M game will likely go home-and-home ... and stay that way.

Low numbers and illness from tests at Arkansas probably like everywhere else

Razorbacks athletics director Hunter Yurachek had a Zoom press conference and disclosed the low number of positive cases which have come from outside Fayetteville.

Apparently Pittman, coaches, being cautious as Hogs start practice

Razorbacks coach Sam Pittman sporting mask at first official practices preparing for whatever season they end up being able to have in a wild, wacky year.

‘Pig Trail Nation’s Carroll says no reason for SEC to make quick decision

Football should be played in the fall, says Jason Carroll of 'Pig Trail Nation' and he's right about the SEC shouldn't be in a hurry to decide on season.