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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Andy Hodges

Well, the mountains ASU willing to move to play Hogs may be smaller now

Now there is at least a sliver of the possibility of discussion for most attractive matchup many fans of both teams really want to see with Big 10 decision.

What other leagues do shouldn’t affect SEC’s plans for college football

Bill King of Nashville Sports Radio doesn't think the Southeastern Conference should be letting what other leagues do affect their decision on a season.

ASU would ‘move mountains’ to juggle schedule for game with Razorbacks

Both schools have their schedules set, but Blake Anderson said on Ruscin & Zach ASU would make every effort to juggle things to play an Arkansas game.

Pittman proving to be calming influence for Arkansas during interesting times

During the strangest of interesting times, Sam Pittman's calmness and just being "straight up" could carry over with this team to the playing field.

Pittman’s offensive linemen getting bigger, Boyd thinks may be best group

Tackle Myron Cunningham has gotten a LOT bigger from last year and running back Rakeem Boyd thinks the offensive line may be the best group on the team.

Pittman not wasting time with speculation, just trying to win games

Arkansas coach Sam Pittman is preparing for a full season starting Sept. 5 and he said Tuesday afternoon in a Zoom conference he doesn't know any other way to get a team ready.

Burks due for breakout season and Briles could be guy to break him out

Treylon Burks showed enough flashes last year to show he has the talent and new offensive coordinator Kendal Briles may be the one to really let it shine.

Razorbacks CAN turn things around quickly but it’s going to be done by players

How hard the players are willing to work is going to play a role in Hogs' success this year, Clint Stoerner believes, but they've got to stay focused.

Ripley affected lives of kids in Arkansas off the court far more than wins

Legendary coach Charles Ripley passed away Sunday at the age of 74, but he will be remembered and missed more for what he did for players off the court.

Foundation files to dismiss Bielema trying to be paid for laziness, incompetentence

The Foundation may end up having to pay Bret Bielema for his laziness, but it won't be without a fight after answering his lawsuit with motion to dismiss.