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Saturday, September 19, 2020

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Pittman knows coaches have to adjust schemes to fit personnel

Sam Pittman knew exactly what he wanted to do on both sides of the ball when he returned and that was do things the players could make work.

One of Pittman’s biggest points in first radio show comes at end

Near the end of his first radio show, Sam Pittman talked about how pleased he's been with getting Scott Fountain to run special teams.

Having better team – but not record – could actually be true this year

Throw all the old sayings out the window this year because if Sam Pittman can pick up two wins it will be a big improvement for the Hogs.

Defense reminds us they can make plays … at least against Hogs’ offense

Hogs' defense won the day in Friday's scrimmage after a week of improvement, but Pittman says it's good to see both improvement on both sides.

Hogs should find some sort of ‘ambassador’ role for D-Mac now

As Arkansas tries to dig a football program out of a monumental hole having D-Mac around and visible is something that should be figured out.

Pittman using hard, physical, camp for conditioning of mind and body

Sam Pittman working Hogs hard in fall camp to get them in better physical conditioning which he also hopes improves mental toughness, too.

Henry likely starter at TE, but Toll’s change offers couple of clues

More than a couple of eyebrows raised Friday afternoon when Sam Pittman announced after the scrimmage that Blayne Toll is a tight end again.

Little taught Turner about soccer-style kickers and he coached All-Americans

Ken Turner was a master at churning out big-time kickers at Arkansas and talked about that on The Morning Rush on Friday on ESPN Arkansas.

Getting first down biggest key for tempo, but scoring points more important

ESPN's Tom Luginbill thinks Hogs' offense has to protect the defense but that really won't matter if the offense can't score ... at any speed.

Pittman did a rather humorous two-step around saying Franks is No. 1

Sam Pittman tried to tap-dance around who the starting quarterback will be but it will be Feleipe Franks ... but who will be running No. 2?