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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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Morris not making progress fast, but any firing just speculation at this point

No word, but after press conference following Saturday's blowout it looks for all the world that any talk of firing Chad Morris is just guessing at this point.

Morris’ fate may not be riding on Western Kentucky game, but win critical

Despite what a lot of folks think, Chad Morris' tenure as Arkansas' football coach may not actually be riding on the outcome of Saturday's game against Western Kentucky.

Yurachek’s multi-million-dollar dilemma with Razorback football nosedive

It will be interesting to see which direction Hunter Yurachek chooses because the fate of Arkansas football is in his hands. No wonder he looks frazzled.

Morris seems more inclined to lose his way that just winning games

Sitting what may be the best players hasn't worked out well for Chad Morris and defensive coordinator John Chavis said Monday he really needs to see the youngsters in game situations.

Morris finally figures out future is now for Hogs at quarterback position

Chad Morris named John Stephen Jones the starter and K.J. Jefferson will play a lot, too, which means it took him over three months to figure out how to play the best in fall camp.

Was O’Grady’s suspension for challenging Morris on Jefferson?

Exactly why Chad Morris suspended C.J. O'Grady may be just the tip of the iceberg on the multiple questions and goofs in a season where answers better come in a hurry.

Is Morris proving he has no clue how to win games or coach in...

Chad Morris appears as baffled and confused as the players after getting blown out on homecoming by the second-worst team in the SEC ... and still scared of making a decision.

Morris may need win more Saturday in battle of worst SEC coaches

It's hard to imagine two SEC coaches desperate for a win in this one week more than Chad Morris and Mississippi State's Joe Moorhead and the Hogs HAVE to win one ... sometime.

Razorbacks will bounce back this week against Mississippi State

Wait, what’s that? Oh, you said you DO NOT think Arkansas will win? Well, feel free to call me crazy, uninformed, and a homer while you click the laughing emoji on your favorite social media outlet.

Crucial four-game ending, Morris’ future, could depend on quarterback

Who the Hogs play at quarterback against Mississippi State on Saturday could go a long way towards determining how comfortable November is for Chad Morris.