Things I think I know: Week two

I still believe Alabama is the best team in college football after two weeks, but Oklahoma definitely made a push for the top spot after it’s win in Columbus.

Here are a few other random musings following week two.

  • Arkansas is getting a new kicker. As our former producer Josh Smith would say during his weekly game notes segment, “pack your bags.”
  • Austin Allen has nobody he can trust on offense. No receivers. No linemen. No tight ends. That is an awful place to be for any quarterback, but some of these issues will be resolved by season’s end.
  • Bielema is feeling some heat for the first time. If they don’t come out like a house of fire against Texas A&M, this thing is not going to go back in the right direction at Arkansas.
  • Auburn’s offense is still a mess. Jared Stidham spent more time on his back then a … well never mind. You know how the saying goes. I think Gus letting go of the offensive controls was the wrong move. Geniuses should never delegate, just do the work yourself. Gus is the only one that knows exactly what he wants to do.
Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield plants the Sooner flag into mid field at the Horse Shoe on Saturday night.
  • Baker Mayfield driving the flag into the 50 yard line in Buckeye land was great. This sport needs more sizzle like that. It’s not unsporting if you win the game. It’s bragging and there is nothing wrong with that.

A few more quick hitters.

  • Lamar Jackson is still incredible.
  • Kentucky is still terrible at football.
  • LSU is the second best team in the west.
  • Texas A&M still has major problems.
  • Brian Kelly is an incredibly petty, small man.
  • Losing 87 yards on one play is pretty awesome when it’s not a team you care about.

  • Georgia is a real threat to Alabama.
  • Vanderbilt is going to upset someone this year.
  • It turns out, week three is the PERFECT time for the Razorbacks to have their bye week after all.