Things I think I know: Week Seven

Arkansas’ Saturday night date in Tuscaloosa went as it was expected.

That doesn’t make it OK.

Alabama is the bench mark against which all programs are measured, fair or unfair. Arkansas was within one point of those guys back in 2014. The last two seasons, they have not been anywhere close.

How do you evaluate a game like that? Is it all just useless information and there is nothing good to come of it?

I did see a few things that were encouraging but I don’t know if I would say a ton of hope was handed out in the Alabama game. Cole Kelley played fine. He did not look like the moment was too big for him.

Austin Allen has a great poker face. He always has this look of disinterest, but I do believe that is misleading.

Alabama started on the Arkansas side of the 50 yard line three times and on two of those possessions, the Razorbacks held Bama to a field goal. Arkansas has more talent on the defensive side of the ball, but it is still not enough unfortunately. I think there are NFL guys at all three levels of the defense. When Robb Smith had that talent, the Razorback defense was outstanding in 2014.

Just saying.

Arkansas needs to run the two minute drill the entire game on offense. Will Bielema allow this or continue to pretend that this team can run the football? I do not know if Arkansas will have a thousand yard rusher this year, the ultimate bragging chip in the Bret Bielema recruiting pitch.

Elsewhere in college football…

    • Butch Jones is done.
    • LSU has a real defense. When Auburn quarterback Jared Stidham faces a real defense, he struggles.
    • There are two elite teams in the SEC (Alabama and Georgia) then you can put everyone else in a pile and figure it out.
    • Baker Mayfield is the best quarterback in college football. Jalen Hurts is probably second.
    • I want Miami to be a playoff contender so bad. Mark Richt is the man with the plan.
    • If you stay up late, those middle of the night Pac 12 games do not disappoint.

  • Wisconsin is better now then it was under Bielema.
  • I do not know if NC State is good or not.
  • Florida’s uniforms were hideous and camouflage. Wouldn’t it be something if the reason the Gators were bad on offense was because the quarterback couldn’t clearly see who he was throwing the ball to because the jerseys blended in with the field?
  • Arkansas did not win the time of possession battle against Alabama. Another sign of failing times in Fayetteville. Win or lose, they always win that stat it seems like.
  • The way Bielema was tripping all over his words to make it seem like everyone totally loves both Cole Kelley and Austin Allen leads to believe we have a quarterback controversy. Kelley is obviously the players choice and Bielema runs the risk of further alienating his team if he goes back to Austin Allen.