Things I think I know: Week Nine


That was a football game with more twists and turns then an episode of “The Guiding Light.”

It was full of flaws, but nobody cares.

All that matters is that when the game ended, the Razorbacks had more points then the Rebel/Land Shark/Black Bears (never forget).

What does it all mean? That, I am not sure about. It could be the massive turning point that leads the Razorback program under the direction of Bret Bielema to great heights and a division championship in the next few seasons.

However, we have seen amazing things in the Ole Miss game in Oxford before. We all thought the Henry Heave in 2015 was this massive pivot point in the annals of the Bielema era.

Arkansas is now 13-12 since that game, which isn’t exactly awe inspiring.

If you want me to be honest (and if you’re reading this, you probably expect that), I think what we saw was two bad teams in an incredibly expensive pillow fight.

But Arkansas won, so everything is fixed. All the problems are gone. Nothing to see here but rainbows and fairy god princesses.

Let’s relive it again shall we?

Here’s what else happened this weekend in the greatest game in America.

  • Ohio State made sure we all know they are still a factor in the playoff picture.
  • We got a big reminder that J.T. Barrett is great.
  • Florida administrators have some sort of personal beef with Jim McElwain and I cannot figure out what it is. Are they jealous he got to spend time with a shark?
  • Miami is still massively overrated.
  • Tennessee’s Butch Jones is whistling to the electric chair.
  • Connor Limpert has stones. (Do you think Cole Hedlund was rooting for him to miss?)
  • Bobby Petrino will not be at Louisville next year (Tennessee maybe?)
  • Texas A&M’s annual late season collapse has begun.
  • Each of Arkansas’ final SEC opponents (and maybe Coastal Carolina too) will be able to score over 30 points on the Razorbacks. Can Arkansas score 40?
  • The Florida-Georgia football game reminds me that Florida-Georgia Line is one of the worst bands of all time.
  • Iowa State is simply renting head coach Matt Campbell before a bigger program takes him away this December.
  • Comebacks are nice and all, but they also make you forget the 20 minutes or so of the game when your favorite team played like flaming garbage.
  • When you have a 6 foot 7 quarterback, just run the sneak on 4th and 1. Don’t get cute!
  • Kit Kats are the best Halloween candy there is.
  • Notre Dame is for real this season.

  • While I was writing this, Florida dumped Jim McElwain. They did this before Tennessee sacked Butch Jones. We live in very interesting times don’t we?