Things I think I know — Week Four


Another week in our state having to live with a Razorback loss. I am convinced the weather is worse here during weeks like this. In any event, here are some thoughts on college football after an exciting week four.

  • Bret Bielema is 10-23 in SEC play and has never won the opener in conference play. As the Tuna once said, “you are what your record says you are.”
  • I believe there is zero heat from Long on Bielema so we are all stuck in this football purgatory until who knows when. The Razorback football boat is going the wrong way, but nobody in charge seems to see it that way … yet.
  • Georgia is a legit threat to knock off Alabama to win the SEC. Will the Notre Dame non conference win hold up? This year, unless someone is undefeated, I do not think it’s an automatic an SEC team gets in the playoff.
  • Never talk crap about Alabama before the game.
  • Kentucky is just destined to never beat Florida in football.
  • My favorite quarterback in college football is Trace McSorley from Penn State. Franklin is a tremendous coach too.
  • I love the fire from Barry Odom after a loss. Can he send some of that “give a damn” attitude down to Fayetteville?

  • The Battle Line Rivalry game is shaping up to be one of the least interesting football games of our lives and that is a shame.
  • Florida State does not have a quarterback.
  • Butch Jones is in trouble.
  • Kevin Sumlin is still in trouble.
  • I’m still not sure TCU is a contender for the playoff.
  • South Carolina stuck with a kicker that had not made a field goal all year and he won the game for them against Louisiana Tech. Muschamp was apparently not “done with this.”
  • Austin Allen’s body language is terrible, but I think he cares more than anyone.

    I do not think the New Mexico State game is a “gimme” for the Razorbacks.

  • I have no clue how the offensive line at Arkansas is this bad. Someone should wave a skunk in front of Kurt Anderson.
  • There has never been a larger divide between regular fans and the powers that be in Fayetteville.


  1. What happpened Saturday? Why did we pass in overtime when we had 2 downs to gain 7 yards? Why wasn’t Williams running the ball more? Fans are getting used to loosing like they were is basketball. Seats will empty! Good luck filling that stadium next week. Maybe Little Rock will get more games, less seats to fill to make it look full. Sure we looked better but we got beat by freshmen!

  2. I don’t even want to talk about it anymore. Until the powers that be care, why should I? Is it basketball season yet?

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