Things I think I know: Week Eight


What else can we say?

Arkansas is the worst team in the SEC West and maybe in the conference.

They don’t have talent. They are very poorly coached.

It’s a mess.

Here are some uncommon numbers about Razorback football against power 5 opponents this season.

  • Arkansas is 107th in the nation at stopping the run, allowing 6.15 yards per carry.
  • Arkansas’ defense is 50% on 3rd down.
  • Arkansas is 120th in America in sacks allowed.
  • Arkansas is 0-18 when trailing at the half under Bret Bielema, who has now presided over three different 0-4 starts in SEC play at Arkansas, which is also a record.
  • Arkansas is 66th in the country at rushing the football.

In short, they stink.

You know who is good? Penn State.

They whooped that overrated tool Jim Harbaugh Saturday night and I hope we get to see Penn State face Alabama in the playoff. You can go ahead and put Saquon Barkley in the Heisman, as old Dale would say.

Arkansas has a better football program then Kansas. The Jayhawks put up 21 yards of offense in a 43-0 beating at the hands of TCU.

I donn’t think LSU’s Derrius Guice will play in the 4th quarter of the Arkansas game.

Next week’s Arkansas-Ole Miss game should be shown to prisoners to get them to confess where to find leaders of ISIS.

I am still not buying Miami, even though I think Mark Richt is the man. Wouldn’t it be something if Miami made the playoff and had to face…..Georgia?

Butch Jones can go ahead and book a moving truck from the company of his choice for the day after the season ends.

I think it’s 70-30 Bielema is gone at the end of the year.

And finally, Montana Tech beat Montana State-Northern in NAIA action 93-19.

That’s right, 93-19!

It was 66-0 at halftime!

Montana Tech rolled up 932 yards of offense in the game.

And you thought Arkansas had problems?


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