The time is now for Saban to retire at Alabama

Never stay at the party too long.

Always leave them wanting more.

Will it ever get any better then this?

With Alabama’s dramatic comeback victory in Monday’s College Football Playoff National Championship game, Nick Saban has one option and only one option on what to do next.


Think about it, it was the perfect game from a coaching stand point. He pulled all the right levers, dialed up all the great gutsy decisions and the young players that were placed in pressure packed situations delivered.

It took everything Alabama had to beat Georgia. Everything.

It was barely enough.

Last night was Nick Saban’s “Stairway to Heaven”. His “Hotel California” moment. He will never be better then last night again.

I know he isn’t going to go 4-8 next year, but timing is everything.

Johnny Carson said when he was asked why he was leaving The Tonight Show after 30 years on the air that he was always happy about his sense of timing and knowing when it was the perfect time to leave.

Nobody wants to be Bob Hope, being propped up in a chair or dressed up like Jack Frost on another hideous holiday TV special in their 90s.

Plus, Saban has grand kids and appears to be a man in pretty good shape for his age. How many more quality years does he have left? Nobody would say anything if you decided to slow down and enjoy the most important thing in life: Family.

Leave on a high note Nick.

You have reached football immortality and coaching perfection.

Nothing will be better then this.

Don’t turn into Bob Hope at the end, we don’t want to see it.

We, the college football fans, want to remember you like this, on top of the world. Running, smiling, excited about your team’s walk-off win in Atlanta.

It’s the perfect time for an exit.


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