Scrimmages designed to favor offense

FAYETTEVILLE — If you want the truth, we know very little more then we did a month ago about what this Razorback football season will include.

Saturday’s scrimmage provided, once again, few clues as to what this season will look like. Nobody with a brain will be making or changing predictions based on what we saw Saturday.

The scrimmages are not designed to truly tell us how good the defense is at rushing the passer. Both open scrimmages have included several plays that would be sacks in an actually game, but were not blown dead by practice officials, probably at the request of Bret Bielema. That is because if your quarterback is getting fake sacked very often, you cannot get much work done with your offense.

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So when you read in the paper Ty Storey completes a long pass to set up a touchdown, what you were not told is that a Razorback defender ran right by the quarterback, something that would probably result in a sack in a real game against a real defense like Alabama or LSU.

Believe what you want, it is very easy to get sucked into cocoon of blind optimism when you are only paying attention to one team during training camp.

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In my view, these Razorbacks have not given me the evidence to pick this as a eight or nine win year.

But then again, nobody with a brain can make predictions based on what we have seen so far in training camp.