O-Line improvement a must

FAYETTEVILLE – Training camp scrimmages.  When those of us in the media think we figure everything out and actually don’t learn much about what the upcoming season will hold.

Saturday’s 140+ play scrimmage gave us a few clues as to what the 2017 Razorback football season will hold.  We saw a few dazzling catches some inexperienced (in terms of game action) players like La’Michael Pettway or newcomer Kolian Jackson.

We saw zero shanks on punts and the only missed field goal on the day hit the left upright flush.  To me, that is harder to do then make a field goal, so I call that a good sign in terms of accuracy.

The offensive line is where the season will be decided.  If Kurt Anderson’s group is once again sporting the consistency of gas station toilet paper, the Hogs will not be taking a step forward in the win column and Austin Allen may have precious brain matter deposited on fields around the SEC.

Saturday was up and down.  Some good moments in pass protection but not much going on with the run game.  Austin Allen barely had a clean pocket, in spite of that he only had three incompletions on the day.

Luckily, games that matter are still weeks away so the problems can be corrected.  Will they be?  We find out for sure on September 9 against TCU.