Internet reacts to Morris hire at UA

September 4, 2015: SMU Mustangs head coach Chad Morris watches after his teams first touchdown of the year against the Baylor Bears at Ford Stadium.

Look no further than your local ‘Twitter’ feed and you will see several members of the social media and internet sphere reporting that Arkansas has hired SMU’s Chad Morris to be the next head football coach.

With the anticipation of the new hire drawing a mixed bag of emotions from the Hog faithful, it is not surprising to see a variety of reactions from sports enthusiasts in and out of our state.

Nationally, at least one pundit is confident that Chad Morris is a good hire:

However, how are some of the members of the Hog Nation feeling about the possibility of the current Mustang coach leading our boys in cardinal and white? Some of the Hogs faithful are not sold:

Not all are so negative in the Natural State. Some are sticking moderate with pros, cons, and a few thoughts on our new athletic director, Hunter Yurachek:

And there are even several people posting their excitement and enthusiasm for Morris being rumored to be our new Head Hog:

Solely for some neutral perspective outside of the state and the SEC, this football fanatic from Central Florida chimed in leading his followers to believe that is confident in Morris’ capabilities:

Furthermore, some are even asking for early Christmas presents from the new AD and possible coach hire:

Finally, just for laughs, enjoy a video of the likely new coach:

Regardless of what we feel as fans, we must unite behind this new hire and show him (and the recruits) how passionate and dedicated we are for our student-athletes and our program.

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