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Recruiting territories for new Arkansas coaches

en no official release, but multiple recruiting sites have reported the breakdown of recruiting areas for Chad Morris’ new football staff.

Here’s how the new coaching staff’s area of responsibilities will be defined:


Joe Craddock, Offensive Coordinator: Northwest Arkansas, Northwest Dallas-Fort Worth, Alabama, Central Florida

Jeff Traylor, Running Backs: Texarkana area of Arkansas, East Texas

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Justin Stepp, Wide Receivers: South-central Arkansas, Southeast Dallas-Fort Worth, Georgia, South Carolina

Barry Lunney Jr., Tight Ends: River Valley area, Little Rock area, Tulsa, Oklahoma City

Dustin Fry, Offensive Line: Hot Springs area, Northeast Dallas-Fort Worth, Mississippi JUCOs, South Carolina


John Chavis, Defensive Coordinator: Northwest Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana

John Scott Jr., Defensive Tackles: Northeast Arkansas, South Dallas, North Houston, Georgia

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Steve Caldwell, Defensive Ends: North central Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas JUCOs

Ron Cooper, Safeties: Southeast Arkansas, Louisiana, South Houston, South Florida

Mark Smith, Cornerbacks: East central Arkansas, Fort Worth, Southwest Dallas-Fort Worth, Central Texas


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