Figuring out SEC’s ‘magical computer’ doing schedules above Bielema’s paygrade

With the SEC office releasing the 2017 football schedules Tuesday evening, you couldn’t wait to hear what Bret Bielema had to say after seeing Arkansas’ picks.

That chance came in the SEC Teleconference on Wednesday morning.

“That’s beyond my pay grade,” Bielema said. “The SEC schedule is determined by a magical computer that has its own majestic hiding place.”

No one followed up on that one.

Some of Bielema’s other comments included:

The fourth-year coach discussed other topics in serious fashion, like implementing a three-man front in Arkansas’ dramatic double-overtime win at TCU last Saturday.

“(Defensive coordinator) Robb Smith and I worked on that, played a three-man front. It’s about getting your best players on the field, figuring out what they do best. … (We used it) more in Game 2 than in Game 1. It wasn’t all perfect, but we will continue to grow.”

On wide receiver Keon Hatcher:

“He played as good as I’ve seen him play last year before breaking his foot. Took him awhile to get back in the spring. Got sore in fall camp, played well in the opener and continues to progress. He played his best game last week against TCU. NFL scouts are excited about him.”

On TJ Hammonds’ jersey reading “Akransas” instead of “Arkansas”:

“I didn’t notice until the next day. They always check the spelling of the name on the back but not on the front. We will change that protocol moving forward. Must have had a dyslexic speller there.”

On true freshman fullback Hayden Johnson getting involved in the offense:

“Big time improvement Saturday. He’s going through this the first time. He was a defensive lineman in high school. Caught a pass for 15 yards, he’s a shooting star man. We’ve got a couple fullbacks go to the NFL, and his potential is through the roof.”