Despite reports, Broyles at home, not at hospice facility

A report Wednesday morning that Frank Broyles was in hospice care after suffering a stroke proved to be incorrect.

With a twist that the report was, in all probability, a case of hearing what one wanted to hear.

The report was the legendary former coach and athletics director at Arkansas was AT a hospice care facility. In reality, he is IN hospice care at home.

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Broyles’ granddaughter, Molly Arnold, told

“The family had been inundated with phone calls and messages since a Reddit thread and a Twitter post indicated the 92-year old had been placed in a hospice facility.”

The difference in what was reported and the truth is a seemingly minor one, but one that is starkly different.

“That little word makes a big difference,” Arnold said. “When you go into hospice, you’re talking very little life expectancy left. You’re in a facility. That is end of life.

“But you can sign up for hospice and they can come to your house for six months. Sometimes people will graduate off of hospice. This is more quality of life management.”

People have been visiting Broyles, according to Arnold, including Barry Switzer, Houston Nutt and other friends and former players.

“He’s really happy,” Arnold said. “Really enjoying talking about football and all those things. He’s really happy and enjoying life.”

Broyles is 92 years old.

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