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Thursday, January 18, 2018

‘Gus lovers’ making top candidate less likable to some

Have you ever had someone at work that is always hounding you about a political argument or some sort of cause? Constantly talking and...

How about package deal? Hocutt, Venables for Hogs

While everybody waits for Saturday's SEC Championship game in Atlanta to find out about Gus Malzahn, could a package deal for athletic director and coach be in the works?

Gus commits to Auburn for 2018 … or did he really?

Don't believe for a second the search firms are doing anything more than dotting some i's and crossing some t's on candidates already identified by others.

If Malzahn still main target, who’s the ace in the hole?

John Barnhill and Frank Broyles always had a ace in the hole coach when they were hiring and you wonder if Mike Norvell is Hogs' ace this time if Malzahn backs out.

Venables’ name pops up in talk about Hogs’ opening

It really was a just a matter of time before Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables' name surfaced but can he get to Fayetteville before Malzahn?

Malzahn could still be in picture for Razorbacks

After Auburn beat Alabama on Saturday some feel Gus Malzahn is no longer in the running for the Arkansas job, but those thoughts might be a little premature.

Bielema’s firing handled only way it could have been

While some were critical of the way interim athletic director Julie Cromer Peoples handled the firing of Bret Bielema, he didn't have a problem with it and likely wanted it that way.

Asa should jump in with both feet or stay out

If Gov. Asa Hutchinson is going to weigh in on the Razorbacks playing in Little Rock, he should get in and solve the problem without politics.

Reasons why Gus would leave Auburn for Arkansas

Yes, there are certainly reasons Gus Malzahn would leave Auburn for Arkansas and it likely goes far, far deeper than mere wins and losses for a native son.

Bret’s not gone … yet; an amazingly bad statistic

Sunday's stories on some internet sites that Arkansas is ready to move on from Bielema are just a few weeks late to the party and one surprising statistic.