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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Part Two: The 10 questions to be answered

Part two of our questions that need to be answered by the Razorbacks

Part One: The 10 questions to be answered

In order, Part One of the 10 questions we have as the Razorbacks get closer to a new season.

Things I think I know: Week Eight

Our Derek Ruscin offers up his take from the weekend of college football.

Arkansas football’s eclipse came in ’10, ’11

Eclipses happen about as often as 10 and 11 win seasons do in Fayetteville.

Broyles: The Godfather of the Razorbacks

Larger then life figure leaves legacy never to be touched.

Ruscin’s Rant: 10-2 is the mark for Arkansas in ’17

Razorbacks will offer pleasant surprise this season, getting to 10 wins and even beat Alabama and LSU.

Things I think I know: Week three

Derek Ruscin sums up a wacky week three in college football.

Beware of the August confidence bubble

Confidence is high in this bunch of Razorbacks. It's high everywhere in the month of August.

Things I think I know: Week Seven

Derek Ruscin's thoughts on the college football weekend.

Bielema is meeting expectations, if you listen closely

Winning is not the most important thing if you listen to Jeff Long and Bret Bielema.