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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Bielema is meeting expectations, if you listen closely

Winning is not the most important thing if you listen to Jeff Long and Bret Bielema.

Bielema vents following ‘embarassing’ performance at home

Arkansas gets dumped at home 28-7 and Coach Bielema was very candid following the game on his post game radio interview.

Coming up with a better way to judge defense

With Arkansas bringing on a new defensive coordinator, Derek Ruscin comes up with a better way to judge just how good a defense really is in today's world.

O-Line improvement a must

FAYETTEVILLE - Training camp scrimmages.  When those of us in the media think we figure everything out and actually don't learn much about what...

Things I think I know: Week two

Our Derek Ruscin offers up his own observations from week two of the college football season.

The time is now for Saban to retire at Alabama

With Alabama's dramatic comeback victory in Monday's championship game, Nick Saban has one option and only one option on what to do next.

Scrimmages designed to favor offense

If you want the truth, we know very little more then we did a month ago about what this Razorback football season will include.

Things I think I know: Week three

Derek Ruscin sums up a wacky week three in college football.

Broyles: The Godfather of the Razorbacks

Larger then life figure leaves legacy never to be touched.

Things I think I know — Week Four

Another week in our state having to live with a Razorback loss. I am convinced the weather is worse here during weeks like this....