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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Malzahn could still be in picture for Razorbacks

After Auburn beat Alabama on Saturday some feel Gus Malzahn is no longer in the running for the Arkansas job, but those thoughts might be a little premature.

Bielema’s firing handled only way it could have been

While some were critical of the way interim athletic director Julie Cromer Peoples handled the firing of Bret Bielema, he didn't have a problem with it and likely wanted it that way.

Asa should jump in with both feet or stay out

If Gov. Asa Hutchinson is going to weigh in on the Razorbacks playing in Little Rock, he should get in and solve the problem without politics.

Reasons why Gus would leave Auburn for Arkansas

Yes, there are certainly reasons Gus Malzahn would leave Auburn for Arkansas and it likely goes far, far deeper than mere wins and losses for a native son.

Bret’s not gone … yet; an amazingly bad statistic

Sunday's stories on some internet sites that Arkansas is ready to move on from Bielema are just a few weeks late to the party and one surprising statistic.

Could Huskers, Illini bail out Hogs on Bielema buyout?

While Arkansas fans aren't high on Bret Bielema these days, he apparently is being considered a great fit for potential openings at two Big 10 schools.

Malzahn to Hogs? Don’t think it’s not possible

From a zero buyout for Malzahn to leave Auburn and a chance to come home from the most dysfunctional program in the SEC, it may be a perfect scenario for Arkansas.

Nutt at AD, Gus as coach? Well, it is silly season

You have to admit it, the pairing of Nutt and Malzahn again would be highly entertaining.

Bielema failing to project confidence for sinking Hogs

Bret Bielema continues to try and convince anyone that'll listen that things are going to get better and turn the corner.

Maybe not the end, but you can see it from here

Hogs lose to LSU in a fashion that is becoming more and more predictable and Bret Bielema's days are counting down in a hurry.