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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Why Arkansas needs to run up score on Rattlers

Bielema can't worry about running up the score on a seriously out-manned Florida A&M team Thursday night.

How good are Hogs’ backups? We’ll find out Saturday

One of the biggest questions all off-season has been depth and the new 3-4 defense against spread tempo offenses. TCU is the first real test.

Bielema’s buyout much less than $15.4 million?

The buyout for Arkansas coach Bret Bielema may be just under $5.9 million and not the widely reported $15.4 million.

Long shouldn’t pass on The Great Stadium Debate

With The Great Stadium Debate ready to move to the front after the lack of interest in last week's season opener, Jeff Long should simply say why Hogs can't play in Little Rock.

Well, if we’re all going to start claiming titles now …

With Central Florida claiming a national championship and Oklahoma State picking up another one now from the 1940's, maybe the Hogs could give themselves one for 1977.

Another loss to Aggies may have Bielema’s seat warm

Kevin Sumlin isn't off the hotseat in College Station, but Bret Bielema may be there after losing to Texas A&M for the fifth straight season.

Hogs won’t get much information on TCU this weekend

While Arkansas is probably not going to show a whole lot against Florida A&M on Thursday night, they won't see much in their first serious opponent, either.

Eliminating two-a-days sends old-school coaches spinning

With the NCAA eliminating the old-fashioned two-a-day practices, there will be old-school coaches shaking their heads, but it's all probably for the best.

Could Huskers, Illini bail out Hogs on Bielema buyout?

While Arkansas fans aren't high on Bret Bielema these days, he apparently is being considered a great fit for potential openings at two Big 10 schools.

Bielema’s won a couple of battles, but not the war

Arkansas won another one-point victory over Coastal Carolina on Saturday, but Bret Bielema is a long way from winning the war.