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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hogs will be 1-0 after Thursday’s live scrimmage

If Arkansas isn't up big at halftime against Florida A&M in Thursday's opener, that will be a red flag.

Bielema shows his great PR side at NWA TD Club

Bret Bielema is great at selling his program and mixing with the fans, but if he doesn't get wins will it matter?

What has to happen for Hogs to win 9+ this year

Arkansas can win at least nine games this year, but a lot of things have to go right for that to happen.

We won’t get answers for couple of weeks

Finding answers to questions is what makes the college football season fun for everybody, but don't expect any answers this week.

‘Celebration’ for Broyles much-needed boost for fans

Frank Broyles' creation of a culture of winning at Arkansas became evident in what people said at the celebration of life for him Saturday.

Broyles really was a big-name hire by Barnhill

Many Razorback fans didn't know who Frank Broyles was in December 1957, but John Barnhill did and the fans will forever be greatful.

Winning was what mattered most to Broyles

Frank Broyles taught so much to so many, but his drive to win is something that hasn't been replaced.

Again, we don’t know what we don’t know about Hogs

There were bright spots in the Hogs' second scrimmage, but not enough to answer the many questions.

When it comes to ‘cheating’ is anybody clean?

CBS Sports does an anonymous poll of coaches and the SEC has 11 of 14 members that are thought to be obvious cheaters. But is anybody clean? Not likely.

Jones in Hall of Fame not shocking now, but in ’89?

Jerry Jones got to the Hall of Fame by winning off the field, but to keep rolling the Cowboys need to win on the field more.