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Friday, October 20, 2017

Keeping Bielema will just reward mediocrity

Bret Bielema will get to finish the season in all probability, but even if he wins out and stays it's just rewarding an average to below average performance.

Hogs fall to Bama, but it could have been worse

The Razorbacks managed to make things look respectable, but Alabama's 41-9 win Saturday night wasn't really that close.

PREDICTIONS: Hogs not good against No. 1

Arkansas is facing a monumental challenge against Alabama and keeping it close may be the hope for most fans.

Alabama doesn’t really care who plays QB for Hogs

Bret Bielema still isn't saying who will be at quarterback Saturday, but Alabama probably doesn't care who it will be.

Bielema’s buyout much less than $15.4 million?

The buyout for Arkansas coach Bret Bielema may be just under $5.9 million and not the widely reported $15.4 million.

Bielema WAS a bad hire and Long should have known

Bret Bielema was a bad hire in 2012, but athletics director Jeff Long should have done enough research to know that.

How long will ‘good feeling’ last for Austin Allen?

Hogs quarterback Austin Allen sounds like he's thinking he'll be starting against Alabama on Saturday night.

Should Long be trusted to fix Razorback football?

Jeff Long has created the mess that is Razorback football these days because he has been allowed to play multi-million dollar games with other people's money.

Have Long, Bielema made Hogs ‘Uncommonly Bad?’

Jeff Long, Bret Bielema have Hogs football headed to depths not seen by bad decisions.

Why Hogs should beat Gamecocks convincingly

South Carolina is not a very good team right now after injuries have effectively killed their offense. Now all the Hogs have to do is get the win.