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Thursday, January 18, 2018

And now we’re off and running … to the ‘Gus Bus’?

Could Gus Malzahan be coming back to Arkansas? Well, apparently Paul Finebaum of the SEC Network thinks it's a real possibility.

Bless Jeff Long’s heart, he just really may not get it...

Jeff Long disagrees the sky is falling on the Razorback Nation, but leaves many wondering exactly how he came to that conclusion.

We won’t get answers for couple of weeks

Finding answers to questions is what makes the college football season fun for everybody, but don't expect any answers this week.

New day, new way for state’s high school coaches

Chad Morris is bringing a new way of doing things in recruiting and that's good news for Arkansas high school football coaches, who have access and a coach that cares.

What has to happen for Hogs to win 9+ this year

Arkansas can win at least nine games this year, but a lot of things have to go right for that to happen.

The harsh reality of what to expect from Hogs going forward

Arkansas went backwards this year, to equal 2014's 7-6 record and the immediate future is, well, grim.

Long has Arkansas last in SEC in graduation rates, too

While Arkansas increased it's graduation rate for athletes to 80 percent, it still is dead last in the SEC.

Florida judge shows exactly why she should stick to courtroom

Judge Margaret Taylor in Florida blamed South Florida coach Charlie Strong for the actions of his players, but who she should be criticizing is the NCAA and the presidents.

‘Gus lovers’ making top candidate less likable to some

Have you ever had someone at work that is always hounding you about a political argument or some sort of cause? Constantly talking and...

Bielema shows his great PR side at NWA TD Club

Bret Bielema is great at selling his program and mixing with the fans, but if he doesn't get wins will it matter?