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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Forcing a final prediction on how season plays out

Too many questions, too few answers which leaves a guess of half and half on wins and losses as we narrow down to the start of the season.

Beware of the August confidence bubble

Confidence is high in this bunch of Razorbacks. It's high everywhere in the month of August.

Hogs will be 1-0 after Thursday’s live scrimmage

If Arkansas isn't up big at halftime against Florida A&M in Thursday's opener, that will be a red flag.

SEC no longer at the top of the college football heap

SEC's reign of dominance ending in college football

Bielema shows his great PR side at NWA TD Club

Bret Bielema is great at selling his program and mixing with the fans, but if he doesn't get wins will it matter?

What has to happen for Hogs to win 9+ this year

Arkansas can win at least nine games this year, but a lot of things have to go right for that to happen.

Arkansas football’s eclipse came in ’10, ’11

Eclipses happen about as often as 10 and 11 win seasons do in Fayetteville.

We won’t get answers for couple of weeks

Finding answers to questions is what makes the college football season fun for everybody, but don't expect any answers this week.

Part One: The 10 questions to be answered

In order, Part One of the 10 questions we have as the Razorbacks get closer to a new season.

Part Two: The 10 questions to be answered

Part two of our questions that need to be answered by the Razorbacks