Bielema vents following ‘embarassing’ performance at home

Bret Bielema did not mince words Saturday on following his team’s 28-7 loss to TCU in front of a sellout crowd at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

“The two missed field goals are just embarassing, we’ll go for it every time or we gotta find a new kicker, I’m done with this.”

“What we have to do as coaches is look at what we are asking our kids to do, and make sure we have the guys in there to execute it.”

Bielema was remarkably candid, even by his standards during his post game radio chat with Chuck Barrett on the Razorback Sports Network from IMG.

It sure sounds like Cole Hedlund won’t be kicking field goals anymore this season. I read the quote before I heard it and I had to do a double take to make sure it was right. You can hear for yourself in the link above it is true. We have not heard Bielema this frustrated yet at Arkansas and that is noteworthy.

What we have heard before is the same old song and dance about getting players in the best position to be successful.

Quit talking about it and do it already!

We have heard these same tired lines for years almost to the letter but the game results are not matching the words we hear.

Arkansas is 8-7 in its last 15 games.

The TCU game feels like a turning point. It feels like the hour glass has flipped over for the last time. The next time that last grain of sand runs dry, it may be Arkansas that is looking for a new football coach unless something drastically changes over the next 15 games.


  1. Who is the kicking Coach? Do they have a kicking Coach? Has the kicking Coach ever kicked himself or played soccer and fully understands mechanics and the mental aspect of kicking which is a lot like golfing and all college golfers and pro golfers have experienced coaches. Every NFL team has coaches for them but most colleges and all high schools take it for granted and let the kicker train on his own and kick on his own even though it makes or breaks many games and represents more points than any other single position except for quarterback at times. Defense does bad job or the linebackers they get new coach but I don’t think there is a kicking Coach to fire..maybe a special teams Coach but has he ever kicked at all. How long has that been an issue now in this coaches tenure of the kicking game? Just sayin.. Tough question would be in a press conference.. Who is your kicking Coach? Has he even kicked a football or played Soccer?response silence

  2. To me it’s not that they lost, but how they lost. Looked to me that they weren’t ready to play and that is on the coach. Fire him !!

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